My orchestral piece Stanza as well as an interview with me will be featured as part of BR - KLASSIK's new music programme Horizonte on 2 September, 22.05.

The programme will also include music and interviews by Mayako Kubo, Andile Khumalo and Stefan Pohlit. Presented by Kristin Amme the show features German composers living abroad. 


11/07/2014 20:04

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25/08/2014 02:24

The graphics may play a role -- most people look better in monochrome, and make-up artists are quite good these days -- but, still, not a single one of the females looks to have been alive when Ford, maybe even Carter, was president.

25/08/2014 15:49

A different explanation might be- you answered the easy ones quickly, and for the difficult ones you took your time. And the research does show that we make judgments automatically, but the more interesting question to me is, does thinking carefully improve accuracy of emotion reading?

27/08/2014 10:29

As for the rest of yez, I don't know what the heck ya talkin' about.

27/09/2014 04:46

I was also thinking that your answers would depend on your definition of certain words. For instance, what is the difference between "thoughtful", "pensive" , "reflective" and "preoccupied" in your mind?

09/10/2014 03:47

The eyebrows to some extent - in some people - can give a visual clue, but they work usually in conjunction with the mouth, which is a much stronger indicator of emotion. I can raise my eyebrows in amazement and confusion - I can also draw in my brows for confusion and anger..

13/11/2014 12:21

I'm non English speaking, female, everyone tells me I'm insensitive, and i scored 28. I got 6 men and 2 women wrong. Stop trying to find racial, sex, or background stereotyping reasons for your results.

17/11/2014 04:31

To me, so many of the women just looked unfriendly or antagonistic. Sorry!

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27/08/2014 13:15

I agree with you. I got 34/36 & usually can ready peoples emotions well. I think it presents challenges because at times you think less clearly or objectively when you are so wrapped up in other folks emotions.

17/09/2014 05:16

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